Snapbuds Corporate Branding Packages

Ask yourself – “How often would you like your brand to be on the minds of your target audience?”

Would it be – “Every now and again?” or “When they happen to stumble across your brand on T.V. or online?”

Well – How about “Nearly all the time and nearly everywhere they go?”

We all know that the key to success is directly tied to brand awareness. And what is the best form of brand awareness? It’s the type of presence that can be mentally linked to something that the target audience considers both eye-catching and useful…… on a daily basis!

Now that we have your attention, we’d like to present Snapbuds! Now is the time to take advantage of a product that saves time, effort and eliminates a common frustration that has become quite prevalent in today’s “connected” society. But saving time is only part of the Snapbuds advantage! This 2 minute video explains it all.

With Snapbuds:

  • You can target your demographic by offering a highly useful item that they will carry around with them, while displaying your logo
  • You have product exclusivity. Sell it online, in stores or offer it as an incentive or bonus
  • Employ Snapbuds in your Multimedia Marketing campaign as a product-purchasing incentive or contest award

Learn more about how you and your organization can benefit from using Snapbuds to promote your business and see how easy we make it for you to take part in a brand new revolutionary product introduction!

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